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RUMBLEFISH LIVE at FANDANGO December 14, 1990 (FA-001) was the first release on the Fandango Label.

This premiere work includes the live rock music of Rumblefish and the art of Matis and Nasu on the jacket. This combination of original art and music is at the core of the Fandango spirit. We hope that within our sphere a wide variety of musical and visual artists can contribute to each others works and move forward together.

This CD is encased in a special 30cm jacket with original artwork by Matis and Tetsuya Nasu. These two are certainly artists for the future with their unique styles. Matis utilizies soft warm shades while Nasu's colors are bright and lively.

The 9 tracks represent the incredible live energy and charisma of Rumblefish in it's heyday. They really knew how to move an audience with their double- barreled guitar brand of rock & roll meshed with hot vocals.

This CD in available at The Fandango for 2500 yen (tax included). Just ask for Kato when you come by.

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